Findings & Publications

Aether results presented at the 37th Inernational Electric Propulsion Conference in Boston

Three papers have been discussed with the 37th IEPC attendees in Boston, in 2022.

The first one was on the characterization of an Hall Effect Thruster operated with a mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen similar to that of a VLEO orbit around 200 km. One of the main issues in assessing air breathing systems is to test the concept on ground, with a suitable flow generator which shall be as representative as possible of atmospheric flow rates encountered by the spacecraft at VLEO. The AETHER team refined a particle flow generator (PFG) which relies on electric propulsion to accelerate a mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen representative of what can be found at so low orbits. Results are described in this paper:


The second paper described another key component of the AETHER system: the RF cathode developed at University of Surrey (UK), and is downloadable from here:


The third one goes through a mission analysis for a RAM-EP satellite in VLEO, and can be downloaded from here:


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