Astos Solutions GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany, has its roots in the early 1990’s as a University spin-off and was founded in its present form in 2006. The ASTOS® software development began in 1989 at the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) under Prof. Klaus Well, who moved its development to the Institute of Flight Mechanics and Control (IFR) at the University of Stuttgart in 1991. Significant software improvements introduced by the Astos Solutions founder Andreas Wiegand resulted in the commercial version of ASTOS® in 1999. ASTOS® is registered as a trademark in the United States since 2000.

ASTOS® core activities relate to mission analysis, trajectory and vehicle design optimization, system concept simulation, Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC), pointing error engineering, camera simulation, and magnetic cleanliness. It provides services and software to several space agencies and commercial companies. As a prime contractor for various ESA projects, the software modules are reference tools for the design of space missions and for operational activities. Astos Solutions has led and participated in numerous studies, including the German Orbital Servicing Mission (DEOS, DLR), HiPER (EU FP7), New European Launch System (NELS, ESA), and SHEFEX II (DLR). The ASTOS® software package’s strong reputation continues to make it a highly sought-after analysis tool for missions such as ELECTRA, METOp, SARah radar satellite reconnaissance system, and NEUTRINO launch system for nanosatellites.


The ASTOS© software

VESTA spacecraft within ASTOS©


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